Agile Exposed

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Blowing the Whistle on Agile Hype

Agile is becoming a dirty word because of the way it is being marketed, implemented, over-simplified and misrepresented.

Step by step guides, certificates and quick fix recipes are of limited use. It is better to free yourself and your projects by learning how to connect the underlying principles to what you want to achieve. Knowing what projects need and why Agile works will help you understand where and how to apply these principles and what to expect.

An overview of Agile, where it came from and the principles that make it work.

This book explains why Agile was introduced and how the underlying principles and ideas are still relevant. It reviews Agile methods and advises how to take a pragmatic approach to them as a programmer, as a project manager and as a business stakeholder.

If you want to know what Agile really is and how to understand its capabilities from someone who has implemented and used Agile successfully as a programmer, manager and coach in both small and very large companies then read this book.

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